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 20121210-- The Great Love in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (白袍大愛澤廣被)


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20121210-- The Great Love in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (白袍大愛澤廣被) Empty
發表主題: 20121210-- The Great Love in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (白袍大愛澤廣被)   20121210-- The Great Love in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (白袍大愛澤廣被) Empty周二 12月 11, 2012 4:04 pm

Lecturer: Master Cheng-Yan

Subject: The Great Love in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (白袍大愛澤廣被)

Date: Dec. 10, 2012

(Master Cheng-Yan)

The little children making up the Dharma boat really brought smiles to our faces. But I see how all of you Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital staff truly are united in heart. You really are serving with love.

(Dr. Hsieh’s 謝明宏醫師 sharing in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital)

The area didn’t heal well after the operation. Her joint got dislocated again, so she needed another operation. I asked how come she’s willing to let us operate on her again.

She said, “The first operation wasn’t the problem. It’s just my fate.”

When I heard this, I had to restrain my tears. She was in so much pain, yet she could be so at ease. In a case like this at other hospitals, the patient might have sued the doctor. It could have turned into a nightmare for the patient. For me, these setbacks have hit me hard, yet the patient and I are like friends or brother and sister, caring about each other.”

(The patient Miss Wun dialogue with Dr. Hsieh)

On Nov. 14, I saw you all talking about saving to help others. My coin bank is full. Please help me donate it.”

“No problem at all. Thank you for your generosity. I’ll turn in your coin back for you, ok? This time, I get to serve you as a Tzu Chi brother.”

“You are a Tzu Chi brother always.”

(Master Cheng-Yan)

I am very grateful. Hearing Dr. Hsieh’s sharing. I am really touched by their courage. See, his patient was continually tormented by her condition. Dr. Hsieh had to operate on her more than once, but she never blamed him. Indeed, as a doctor, he is very mindful. But their care toward one another is the most important factor. This is the bodhisattva’s enlightened love. The patient has this spirit because her heart is so broad and pure. She understands the problems has to do with her body constitution, not the doctor. I believe she watches Da Ai TV regularly and listens to my teachings so she understands that everything is her own karma and she can accept her lot. This is to be understanding and kindly tolerant.

Dr. Hsieh, meanwhile, is full of gratitude. Understanding, tolerance, gratitude and contentment---we need this spirit, but we must never be so content that we don’t keep improving our medical skills. So, we really need to be mindful in our work.

I see that every one of you staff of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital are really giving your all. Earlier, the provincial governor said that this town’s population is only 30,000 or so. But, people from as far as Pingtung County who are afflicted with illness and who have gone to other hospitals choose to come to our Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital.

I see the loving care that you give them especially from the story I heard earlier. On a day when a typhoon was approaching and it was already getting late so the last shuttle bus had already left, our nurses came forward to help. They really are like Bodhisattvas of Compassion, coming to the aid of all people in need. They volunteered to drive the patient home despite the wind and rain. They brought the mother and daughter home. This is truly moving.

This is sincere and selfless Great Love. It is very moving. All of you staff treat Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital as your home and family and see patient as your teachers as well as your family. This is truly moving. Although the local population is not large, our hospital in Dalin is serving a large region which even includes Pingtung. What you’ve accomplished is truly not easy. Even doctors from India are willing to travel the long distance to study under Dr. Lyu here to advance their skills in knee and joint surgery.

From a small town of about 30,000 people, what we have achieved in our Dalin branch hospital makes it more than a role model for Taiwan’s medical field. We are striving to be a role model for global medical practices.

Indeed, becoming a role model for the world---as I entered here, I saw an award for “Outstanding Fulfillment of WHO HPH Standards.” This is the first time this award has been issued. The nominations for this award were carefully examined by a committee of HPH Governance Board members. We are the first to receive such an award. So, we’re proud of our Dalin branch hospital. Tzu Chi is proud of our Dalin branch hospital. I’m truly grateful.

Of course, we have to be grateful to the former superintendents Dr. Lin and Dr. Chien, and the current superintendent Dr. Lai. We need to be even more grateful to all the staff at the hospital for their love and service.

(Head Nurse Zheng sharing in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital)

I heard Master urging everyone to help with the disaster aid in the U.S. So, I put on my best smile and pleased with people: “Can you kindly give your support and love?”

“What is this for?” they asked.

I replied: “No contribution is too small or too big.”

Actually, doing such a fundraising campaign, staff in our department, really put in a lot of love and effort. Although the money we raised isn’t a lot, we inspired more than 40 people to give.”

(Nurse Tour sharing in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital)

We read Master’s Jin Si Aphorisms. In our department, we always pick out our Jing Si Aphorism for the day. One doctor couldn’t believe the aphorism could be so spot-on. He had to try it out himself. During our fundraising campaign, he picked one that said: “The preciousness of giving lies in sincerity.”

We cheered for him and he had to pull out his wallet. Our interns saw us fundraising and said: “We don’t have much money. Can we donate our meal coupons?”

We said, “OK, we’ll exchange them for cash and donate it for you.” I am very grateful for the teachers’ wisdom and the loving heart of our interns.”

(Assistant Head Nurse Lioa sharing in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital)

In our Douliu Clinic Center, Ya-ping from the dialysis department asked me: “Besides staff, can our families participate?”

I replied, “Sure.” So, she collected many donations.”

(Master Cheng-Yan)

I’m very grateful. I see your efforts to help support our Hurricane Sandy relief in the U.S. Our nurses’ enthusiastic efforts at fundraising gives me confidence for our project. But I want to share with you that these past two days, I saw a very big urn at the entrance of our Tzu Chi office in Dounan. In just two days, the big urn was filled to the top with coins. It was half full (for each day), so the total is an urnful of coins. This is how everyone contributed. Truly, there are many things to be grateful for. This time, Supt. Chien of Taichung Tzu Chi Hosp. said that his goal is to bring a smile to my face whenever Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital is mentioned. What about you here in Dalin? Will you let me rest assured by your steadfast commitment? (Yes).

This alone will make me very happy. All right, your vow is for me to never have to worry about Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital. I hope you can safeguard people’s health with love. In Dalin, our hospital is situated in a town with a population of around 30,000. Yet you’ve gained the trust of people all across Taiwan and set a model for the world. I’m most grateful for this. This is our goal.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20121210-- The Great Love in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital (白袍大愛澤廣被)

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