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 20121211—Persevering on the Path of Tzu Chi (發心如初傳法脈)


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20121211—Persevering on the Path of Tzu Chi (發心如初傳法脈) Empty
發表主題: 20121211—Persevering on the Path of Tzu Chi (發心如初傳法脈)   20121211—Persevering on the Path of Tzu Chi (發心如初傳法脈) Empty周三 12月 12, 2012 8:47 pm

Lecturer: Master Cheng-Yan

Subject: Persevering on the Path of Tzu Chi (發心如初傳法脈)

Date: Dec. 11, 2012

(Master Cheng-Yan)

It’s nice everyone can gather together like this today. Early this morning, I met with our senior Tzu Chi volunteers in Tainan whose commissioner numbers are with 3,000. One of them is Bi-hua. Her commissioner number is 606. She is truly remarkable. Even now, she still has around 500 donating members. This is truly not an easy feat.

Nowadays, some of our volunteers find it difficult to solicit donations. Actually, over 30 years ago, most people in Tainan were not familiar with Tzu Chi. However, Bi-hua was able to solicit donations from so many people that she needed several donation books to record all her donating members. Back then, all she had was a sincere heart. Whoever she encountered, be they her friends, relatives, or even people she didn’t know, she’d share Tzu Chi with them.

It was not easy to solicit donations back then. And, every month, she had to travel from Tainan to Hualien to turn in the donation she collected. At the time, there was no train service between Tainan and Hualien. So, she had to travel a long time by bus every month. Looking back, I truly think that our early volunteers are very remarkable, especially those whose commissioner numbers are within 3,000. They are truly our treasures. We now have over 60,000 certified Tzu Chi commissioners and Tzu Chengs. So, the first 3,000 certified volunteers are truly remarkable as they are able to walk on the Tzu Chi Path single-mindedly without any impurity or attachment in their minds or giving up halfway. Thanks to their effort, Tzu Chi’s missions have been able to develop in Tainan since over 30 years ago.

We also saw Mr. Yu Shi-long, who joined Tzu Chi over 30 years ago.

(Master Dialogue and Mr. Yu Shi-long shares in Tainan)

I was certified in 1981.

Master: “I see.”

Mr. Yu: “I began doing recycling work in 1990.”

Master: “Over 30 years.”

Mr. Yu: “My wife and I have been doing recycling since 1990. I must work to stay healthy, so I work till five-ish every afternoon.”

Master: “How old are you?”

Mr. Yu: “I’m 88 years old.”

Maste: “How old is your wife?”

Mr. Yu: “She’s 87.”

Master: “You look healthy and fit. You look healthy and fit.”

Mr. Yu: “Thank you.”

(Master Cheng-Yan)

Mr. Yu is the first Tzi Chi commissioner in Madou, Tainan. At that time, we hadn’t started certifying our volunteers. Yet, with an aspiration to serve, he began to solicit donations for Tzu Chi and often went to Hualien to turn in the donations he collected. It was truly very moving. This is how he has been walking the path without rest. Although he is rather advanced in age now, I hope that he can still continue his effort.

I often share with everyone that, as we grow old and fall ill, we should consult a doctor and take medicine. But, it is more important that we take good care of ourselves. We must not think that we are old and then stop doing any work. The less you use your body, the weaker it’ll get. We are all getting on in age. I’ve also grown old, just like you have. As time ticks by second by second, we’re all growing older.

So, we should make good use of our body all the same as that our body can stay strong and healthy and function well. So, I hope every one of you can take good care of yourselves.

Mr. Yu is truly our role model. Since he started doing Tzu Chi’s work, he has remained on the path and continued to give of himself unwaveringly. So, we should all look up to him. Do you understand? (Yes) I’m truly very grateful to Mr. Yu and his wife.

There was also Mr. Huang Sheng-bi, Although he passed away years ago, his wife took up Tzu Chi’s work where he left off. Both their sons are also Tzu Chi volunteers. I first noticed Mr. Huang when our hospital in Hualien broke ground the first time in 1983. Even today, I still vividly remember the image of him back then. At the time when our hospital in Hualien first broke ground, he spent several days there photographing the event. I found him very agile and efficient. He was still young then, but he was already diligently doing Tzu Chi’s work. Although he had not lived a very long life, he had brought breadth and depth to his life. He didn’t lead a shallow and meaningless life. He had passed on his love to his family. So, we wish him our very best. I hope his family can do his part of work for him. This is what I said to them before and they’ve truly done it.

In life, we must believe in the karmic law of cause and effect. This is what I often share with everyone. Whatever we did in our previous lives, we’ll reap the frit in his life. All the same time, we’ll also sow more seed. As we’ve reaped the fruits, there are more seeds to sow. So, where should we sow these seeds? And how should we work to nurture them? The seeds we’re going to sow are from the fruit borne by the seeds we sowed in our past lives. And what we sow in this life is what we’re going to reap in our next lives. So, we must happily accept what happens to us as it’s the result of our past actions. And, before we sow the seeds, we need to carefully choose the right field. Whether the seeds grow to bear good or bad fruit all depends on the field we choose. If we choose the right field, the seeds we sow will grow well and we’ll reap good fruit. This is what I hope everyone can understand. Serving as living bodhisattvas, we should work hard cultivate the field in the world by sowing more wholesome seeds in them. This is what we should vow to do unwaveringly and steadfastly. Living in this world, we should guide one another to understand the Way. This is not something we can do by ourselves. We need the support of other people. The Chinese character of “people” consists of two strokes leaning against each other. That’s how we should support one another to cultivate both blessings and wisdom. When I see a couple walking the path together, I’m most happy for them as the family will be filled with blessings. We’ve heard many people share their thoughts with us today. If you find them inspiring, please do follow the good examples they’ve set.

(Source: Da Ai TV 人間菩提)
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20121211—Persevering on the Path of Tzu Chi (發心如初傳法脈)
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