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 20130314---Taming Our Mind and Doing Good to Benefit Humanity(籲淨心靈利人群)


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20130314---Taming Our Mind and Doing Good to Benefit Humanity(籲淨心靈利人群) Empty
發表主題: 20130314---Taming Our Mind and Doing Good to Benefit Humanity(籲淨心靈利人群)   20130314---Taming Our Mind and Doing Good to Benefit Humanity(籲淨心靈利人群) Empty周五 3月 15, 2013 5:46 am

Lecturer: Master Cheng-Yan
Subject: 20130314---Taming Our Mind and Doing Good to Benefit Humanity(籲淨心靈利人群)

Date: March 14, 2013

Although the U.S.-South Korea military exercises are said to be defensive in nature, Pyongyang sees them as a declaration of war against North Korea, which may lead to higher tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Seeing the news, I am reminded of the air raids I experienced during the Second World War when I was young. Those who are around my age should still remember that vividly.

At the time, there was no peace as the world was in war. See how the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had leveled the two cities.

Decades have passed, but the devastation is still deeply imprinted in people’s minds. Military weapons nowadays can cause greater devastation than in the past.

So, it is my earnest hope that people can give rise to love for one another and care for everyone in the world like family.

When everyone does that, how can we bear to launch war and turn our beautiful land into a battlefield?

So, to avoid wars once and for all, we need to inspire everyone to sow blessings by doing good.

We also see water shortages in some parts of Taiwan. Due to lack of rain, crop yields have been affected and the land has also cracked open.

Even people don’t have enough water to use, which is truly alarming. See how people use water sparingly (and reuse it for other purposes)

This is the only way to save water. We also see that a cistern has almost dried up and some people even hike to look for water.

It is truly a water crisis for them. Over the years, I’ve been calling on everyone (to cherish water) (Our water resources are limited)

So, to conserve our water resources, we truly need to protect our environment.

Moreover, we should not pump underground water at will. Nowadays, people pump underground water not just for farming.

Whenever there is major construction for buildings that go down several floors underground, people will keep pumping water for the construction to proceed smoothly.

See, in the name of development, we’ve pumped and drained our water. Also, instead of protecting our environment, we keep excavating and mining our mountains.

All this can disrupt our water sources, which is indeed very dangerous. If all water sources dry up someday, how are we going to live?

Even if we have much money, we cannot drink it as water when there’s no water. What are we going to do then? We must think deeper about this and work hard to learn more about our environment and the workings of Mother Nature.

Otherwise, with a growing human population and dwindling water resources, how are people going to live?

So, we truly need to be aware and heighten our vigilance. In our daily living, we need to take action to help tame people’s minds, and give of ourselves with love.

Today, we see the stories of people who give of themselves with selfless love and do good to benefit humanity.

The first one is Mr. Chen who became physically impaired due to an accident at a construction site. Despite that, he works hard to support himself.

Instead of doing nothing and (just waiting for others to help him,) he collects recyclables to make a living.

One day, he found NT$52,000 (around US$1,750) when he was collecting recyclables. He didn’t keep the money to himself but turned it in to the police.

When no one claimed the money after six months the police informed him to get the money back. We informed him to get the money, bet he said that he doesn’t need it and he wanted to donate it.

He often donates money to help the needy. I’m poor, but there are people worse off than me. (See how kindhearted he is). Although he is physically challenged, he still makes the best use of his body and does what he can. He is truly very admirable.

We also see Mr. Fang and his wife. Mr. Fang used to be a fisherman. But when he heard me say on Da Ai TV talk killing lives creates negative karma, he sold his fishing boat and gave up fishing。

He learned to drive and became a bus driver. Unfortunately, in a car accident, he killed a 21-year-old man.

He was very remorseful and suffered greatly. The mother of the young man who died happens to be Tzu Chi’s donating member.

So, she often watches Da Ai TV programs, such as Life Wisdom, etc., and so, she has learned to have a big heart and also understood that all this is the law of karma and it is useless to blame anyone.

So, everything depends on our mind. When something happens, if everyone keeps disputing with one another, it will only cause everyone to have afflictions.

But, if we’ve learned about the karmic law of cause and effect, the knots in our hearts can be untied. Living in this world, how can we tame our mind?

In our interactions with others, we must help one another. We should never give rise to afflictions, (which are like dust on a dry land) that will be easily stirred up when the wind blows.

So, we must keep our mind calm, still, and pure. When everyone has such a state of mind, how beautiful our world would be.
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20130314---Taming Our Mind and Doing Good to Benefit Humanity(籲淨心靈利人群)
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