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 20130331---Spreading the Message of filial Piety and Passing on the Dharma (報答親恩揚孝道)


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20130331---Spreading the Message of filial Piety and Passing on the Dharma (報答親恩揚孝道) Empty
發表主題: 20130331---Spreading the Message of filial Piety and Passing on the Dharma (報答親恩揚孝道)   20130331---Spreading the Message of filial Piety and Passing on the Dharma (報答親恩揚孝道) Empty周一 4月 01, 2013 7:21 am

Lecturer: Master
20130331---Spreading the Message of filial Piety and Passing on the Dharma (報答親恩揚孝道)

Date: March 31, 2013

The sages of the past taught that filial piety is a basic life principle and the foundation of all goodness. By respecting our parents like living Buddhas, we fulfill one of life’s great purposes. What our parents have done for us is like a mountain in its magnitude. Let us remember how indebted we are to them and always remember where we came from and repay them out of deep gratitude.

[證嚴上人 開示]
I was very, very touched to see this presentation put on by the teachers and students (of our Tzu Chi schools). Since last year, they’ve been talking about presenting the musical adaptation of the Buddhist sutra on the deep gratitude we owe our parents (because the sutra adaptation presented last year) was very well-received.

Our foundation staff also felt the idea of presenting this musical adaptation was very good. So, staff, teachers, and parents all met and agreed on this project. They then held study groups to help the parents understand (the teachings to be presented). The teachers also studied the teachings and taught them to the children. The elementary school students learned the sign language word by word. They also had the children (wear their book bag in the front) (as if they were pregnant with a big belly) and do chores like clean the restroom.

The little kids said:
“it’s really tough. Knowing this,” “from now on, I will always obey my mother”
One teacher also asked her elementary school students: “Why are we” "(presenting this musical adaptation)?”

Some children replied:
“It’s to pass on Master’s teachings” “and let more people know about them”

Another child replied:
“This fulfills a great cause and can” “inspire people to serve humankind”

Another said: “We can develop wisdom through it” “and can help Master” “do great works for humankind”
“and spread the Dharma”

These children who are in grades one and two have the realization that this is to spread the Dharma. They
not only learn to repay their parents by being filial, they also deeply understand that this is to spread Dharma to humankind so all people can understand life’s principles and fulfill life’s great purpose and mission. They
truly know my heart. So, yesterday, when I saw them onstage, watching from afar, they were very tiny (but I was already deeply moved). It was the same with our senior high students. Their synchr nized and orderly presentation onstage also moved me deeply. I also saw our students from Tzu Chi’s university and technical college participating in the presentation. The presentation included students of all age groups, but it all came together seamlessly. The teachers, professors, and principals also participated in the presentation Tzu Chi has a comprehensive educational system so it’s like a big family with everyone working together in harmony. It’s so beautiful. Moreover, we can see genuineness in this beauty.
Normally we see the principals and teachers very busy with work. To have them go on stage and play out the various roles in life and succeed in being so real-to-life, if they weren’t genuine, they wouldn’t have been able to do so.

Seeing the presentation of our students, our education teaches students to be goof and kind I heard our
volunteer Ci Yue say that asking our students to play the role of a rebellious child was very difficult (because they weren’t mean or bad enough). So, Ci Yue had to use a lot of effort to teach them how to play out this role. When they
went onstage, they were able to truly present the real-life parent-child relationship in our society in this musical presentation. Some parents work very hard and even do menial labor to provide for their children in hopes of (giving
them a better life). They’re willing to sacrifice for their children. Yet, as their children get older (and become conscious of status and wealth,) they are unhappy with their family (and feel embarrassed by them). So, they look down on
their own parents. Though their parents work very hard to support and provide for them, they treat their parents very meanly. Some people grow up in very affluent families where they’re given the highest education. Then, after
establishing their family and career, gradually, they begin to reject their own parents and listen only to their spouse. Everything is for their spouse. Their pouse stomping their feet is felt like an earthquake. So, their parents are
left behind (as they go off on their own life). But, the parents wait earnestly to hear from their children. They always ask the postman if there’s any letter from their children. But when the postman searches through all of the mail, the
answer is always no which disappoints them so deeply. (This is the situation many parents face)

Nowadays, we also see this in many families. The children don’t care about studying so the parents often
receive notices from school and have to go to the school frequently to apologize for their child’s bad behavior. However, would their children listen to them (and change their ) behavior?)

Their children still give them a very bad attitude. We see a lot of this in our society now. The father may want to be strict, but the mother doesn’t allow it. Also, we saw that several professors played the role of parents onstage. Look at Professor Fan carrying a pot of tea. He played it so superbly that I can truly feel that sense of desolation in old age. Their children became lost causes. Even their father lost hope for them. Such is life. In today’s society, we see many cases like

Yesterday afternoon, the magistrate of Hualien County came to attend our presentation with his parents
and his wife. The vice minister of the Ministry of the Interior and her husband also came. So did a department head from the Ministry along with his wife. they made a special trip from Taipei because our afternoon’s presentation was in
partnership with the county government. They came because they really cared.
They said they were very moved by the presentation. So, this was a very good life education. Seeing such an adaptation of a sutra about filial piety shows why we should be deeply grateful to our parents. If our parents are still with
us, we’re very blessed.

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20130331---Spreading the Message of filial Piety and Passing on the Dharma (報答親恩揚孝道)

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