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 20130522—Looking After Our Minds and Inspiring Love in Others 依循菩提入人群


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20130522—Looking After Our Minds and Inspiring Love in Others 依循菩提入人群 Empty
發表主題: 20130522—Looking After Our Minds and Inspiring Love in Others 依循菩提入人群   20130522—Looking After Our Minds and Inspiring Love in Others 依循菩提入人群 Empty周四 五月 23, 2013 9:01 am

20130522—Looking After Our Minds and Inspiring Love in Others 依循菩提入人群

I collect recyclables for Tzu Chi.

The grandma we see truly warms my heart. As she is poor and ill, Tzu Chi volunteers have been visiting her regularly, bringing her love and care.

Despite her illness, she still gives of herself, bringing warmth to other people. All this is possible because of love. The people in Lesotho are also the same. Many people there are poor. But see how they have been inspired to give with love.
So, as long as we work hard to sow the seeds of love, they will grow and flourish.

Take Sri Lanka for example. In December 2004, an earthquake struck off Indonesia, triggering a tsunami that caused severe devastation in many areas. In the aftermath, Tzu Chi volunteers immediately mobilized to provide aid and spent
much time and effort to help the people in worst-hit areas.

In Sri Lanka, apart from the immediate relief work, we also built permanent housing in Hambantota for tsunami survivors. The village was so well built that even the local government moved its office to our village. In addition to an international port, a highway that connects to the capital was also built.

After the tsunami, see how Tzu Chi volunteers around the world worked to pool everyone’s love together by collecting donations to build the village in Hambantota for those affected. The village also has a secondary school, a vocational training center etc. Now, we are very happy to see that the people in Sri Lanka are giving back. See how our care ecipients save money in coin banks and donate it to Tzu Chi.

Although they are materially poor, they are spiritually rich. I know there are many people in the world who need help just like us. So, I saved up the money for Tzu Chi to help more people in need.

We’re very happy we can save up to help others. This is the very least we can do Tzu Chi has helped us, so we also want to help others. Every day, we put our spare money into a coin bank. It’s not much money, but we’re glad that we can help.

See how they’ve been inspired to give. The Buddha teaches us to give, and this is also what we teach people to do and this is also what we teach people to do. No matter how much money people donate, the love in their hearts is all the same.

It is not true that those who donate less have less love. They have also done the best they can. What’s even more impressive to see is how everyone in the village helps one another. This is what we hope to see and also what the Buddha wanted to see.

Even though it is not possible for everyone to attain enlightenment at once they can at least help one another in times of need. Bodhisattvas come into being because there are people suffering.

When we share the Buddha’s teachings with the suffering, they can become spiritually wealthy and be inspired to help those who are worse off than them. This is what the Dharma can do.

Everyone, seeing so many disasters in the world, we should heighten our vigilance and give rise to sincere piety at all times. Lately, in Taiwan, continuous heavy rains, have caused many disasters in the mountain areas, including places that were including places that were affected by Typhoon Morakot in 2009.

Back then, to build permanent houses for Morakot survivors, we encountered many difficulties. The words I said during that time were even composed into song, and the last line of the lyric fully expressed my wish for the mountains to recuperate.

At the time, Tzu Chi volunteers in over 50 countries worked very hard to collect donations for us to build permanent homes in the lowland for Morakot survivors to move into from the mountains. But, some refused to move down. And, for those who chose to stay in the mountains, they continued to develop the mountains for economic and tourism purposes, doing more harm to the mountains.

That’s why the torrential rains this time can lead to the landslides we saw. Isn’t that all caused by man due to the disharmony in their minds? When we give rise to desire, if will abide in our minds and we’ll act on it by coming up with ways to get what we want or benefit ourselves even at the cost of the wellbeing of the Earth.

Everything is accumulated through time. In these times, all that many people care about is their own benefits. So, as they do everything to pursue their desire, the actions they take have led to so many disasters that we see around the world.

Taiwan is only a small island. It is mountainous with limited land. But, its mountains have been constantly damaged. That’s why even just a bout of heavy rains can damage bridges, cut off roads, and trigger landslides.

Under these circumstances, can those living in the lowland be safe and well? So, we must be aware and reflect upon our actions.

Over the past few days, we also see powerful tornadoes sweep across parts of four central U.S. states, leveling everything in their path and leaving behind a scene of devastation. These tornadoes were so destructive that two schools in
Oklahoma were leveled and many children were buried in the rubble. See how teachers and parents tore through the rubble to save the children and held them so tight as if they would lose them again.

Indeed, these disasters are but the result of our previous actions and we’re only reaping what we sowed. The consequences of what we did in the past have now come to bear.

Seeing how disasters keep occurring, I’m truly very worried.

Disasters come from our minds. So, we must take good care of our minds, emulate the Buddha’s broad heart, and quickly share the Dharma with everyone so that everyone can all have a heart as pure as crystal, eliminate their afflictions, and give with love.
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20130522—Looking After Our Minds and Inspiring Love in Others 依循菩提入人群
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