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 20130630 環保典範度人間A Role Model of Recycling Volunteer


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20130630 環保典範度人間A Role Model of Recycling Volunteer Empty
發表主題: 20130630 環保典範度人間A Role Model of Recycling Volunteer   20130630 環保典範度人間A Role Model of Recycling Volunteer Empty周一 7月 01, 2013 10:10 pm

20130630 環保典範度人間A Role Model of Recycling Volunteer

Please give me a bag, a bag. What I as one person can do is limited, so we need more people, like the bodhisattva with a thousand eyes and hands. Right? You can be part of the thousand hands. A person only has two hands, no power.

Seeing our volunteer Zhou Gua, she is a good disciple of mine. Over 30 years ago, she learned that recycling paper can sell for money, so she started to collect paper and recycle it. She saved the money from selling recycled paper and donated it to do good deeds.

I was very poor then and had no money, but I know I should not take this money. No matter how small it is it’s not mine. This is extra cash. If I don’t collect them , they’ll go into the trash. Right? I collect these to help people. This is my direction in life. I will keep walking this path. If I don’t volunteer with Tzu Chi, my whole life will be in vain, with no good deeds done.

See how she collected these recyclables to accumulate money to donate. Isn’t this the same spirit as our bamboo bank? We saw that she used to push the recyclables up the hill willingly and with such ease of mind.

The more I push, the more strength I develop. This is a very steep hill. I used to push and think, “I don’t think I can make it up to the hill. It was not easy to push it up the hill, so I prayed to Amita Buddha for help. Indeed, Amita Buddha helped me, because some people would suddenly show up to help me push. You see, it is a miracle.

When she had a tough time pushing, she was always supported by her faith and convictions. She believed in her principles and had faith. So, she carried out her recycling and charity work every day in her community and inspired many people.
She works as a housekeeper in the home of a Christian family. Even employer was moved by her dedication to doing good and would let her do what she wished, such as recycling after she had finished with the house chores. He employer gave her a lot of freedom to do the good deeds she wanted. She worked for this family for more than 30 years. When she retired, her employer gave her one million (around US$33,000).
At that time, Typhoon Morakot caused a big disaster, I knew Tzu Chi needed a lot of money. Master wanted to build houses for people. One house cost seven to eight million. What’s one million compared to that?

You know all this. You really do watch Da Ai TV.
Of course I know. What’s there worth watching besides Da Ai TV?

During her entire life, she upheld her principles and lived a disciplined life, fulfilled her family responsibilities, upheld Tzu Chi’s precepts and moral code, and worked tirelessly to protect the environment.

Such was her moral discipline, centeredness of mind, and wisdom. She was firm in her purpose. If something is right, just do it. That was her conviction all these years.

Five days ago, while she was chanting Buddha’s name at home, she had a hemorrhage. She passed away peacefully, without any pain or suffering. She donated her body to become a silent mentor and returned to Tzu Chi University yesterday. She left this world so peacefully and carefreely.

If only we can all be like that. She was in her seventies and passed away just like that, without any illness or suffering, truly coming and going with no afflictions. Though I grieve her passing, but I also give her my well-wishes. May she return to this world soon, for our future world will really need bodhisattvas. May she come back soon.

With her firm convictions, may she return again to inspire and guide living beings. Otherwise... we’re very worried about how our planet will be in the future. Many experts in the world are now studying the climate and the Earth. Some researchers already expressed the concern of resource depletion.

People nowadays keep on extracting underground oil. Moreover, our urban development and way of doing agriculture are making the land vulnerable. Whether it’s drilling deep underground to extract resources or soil erosion on the surface of the earth, these are seriously destroying our land.

So, experts say that by 2050, there will be 9 billion people on this Earth. For these 9 billion people---with the current trend of land destruction, it has caused the soil to slowly decline. So, the soil’s ability to provide food will gradually be lost. How to feed the large population of the future? this is truly worrying.

What we need now is to protect our land---not only protecting it ourselves, but also widely urging everyone to protect the land.

This needs to start with everyone curbing their desire for meat and not being so wasteful with their food. Otherwise, the consequence of such wastefulness will be food shortage in the future.

So, we need to be more frugal and eat more simply. Actually, eating a simple meal can still be filling and nutritious.

So, this kind of concept should not be just a slogan. We need to carry it out in daily life, so that we don’t waste our resources and aggravate the crisis our land is in. We hope this crisis can be mitigated and eventually resolved.

Only humans can turn this situation around because it is humans who are dong the destruction. So, we have to stop destroying the land and turn to cherishing it.

Therefore, I’m always very grateful to our recycling volunteers. We can share our recycling ideals with people, and guide them to join us in this work.

We hope everyone, no matter rich or poor can give their love to care for the public good. This gives us spiritual riches, the only riches that are truly lasting.

Only when humans are spiritually rich like this can our world stay safe and prosperous always.
Don’t wait until the time comes when there’s no food for money to buy. That would be very problematic.
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20130630 環保典範度人間A Role Model of Recycling Volunteer
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